About Us

Software and IT services, being the integral part of almost all businesses, are always high in demand. The technologies that are used for software development, testing and other operations of IT keep on evolving regularly. Software industry is always looking for skilled manpower who understands the latest technologies and capable of enhancing their skills in coming time to keep pace with the technological updates. It is difficult for the engineering and science students rolling out from the colleges to immediately meet this expectation of skills from IT industry. Hence it is imperative that some additional training must be gained by them to make themselves suitable for the opportunities thrown open by IT industry. Such capability can be gained only through intense training that focusses strongly on fundamentals as well as on development of skills through practical implementation...


Following are various modes in which we provide our training services.

  • 1. Training for Students
  • 2. Job oriented training programs
  • 3. Value addition training programs in colleges
  • 4. Train the trainer program for teaching staff of colleges
  • 5. Corporate training for working professionals


Campus placement is the stage at which we honor our commitment made with the students as well as the IT companies. After the rigorous training phase, it is at this stage of placement students get an opportunity to express their talent and get a kick-start to their career in IT industry.

IT companies do have recurring requirement of trained manpower due to various reasons like technological up gradation, attrition as well as growthof business.

Courses Offered
  • 1. SST in Java
  • 2. SST in .NET
  • 3. SST in ANDROID
  • 5. SST in PHP